Welcome to PRISM, a student-run organization that was established in 2019. Our group aims to foster a supportive and safe environment at Open Access College for heterosexual, cisgender, and LGBTQIA+ youth and staff. We come together to discuss various projects, aspirations of our group, and exciting activities we'd like to engage in as a collective. Confidentiality is a key aspect of our group, and we ensure that members adhere to co-created group norms to maintain a safe, respectful, and supportive space for everyone involved. We hold meetings twice a term, allowing for both online discussions and face-to-face meet-ups.

As an organization, we have achieved significant milestones in the past;

In our efforts to promote inclusivity, we successfully petitioned the school principal to display rainbow and ATSI (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) flags on the OAC website's home screen. Furthermore, PRISM members created a dedicated chill-out room during the school formal, providing a relaxed atmosphere for all students attending the event. This space was equipped with board games, bean bags, sensory-friendly activities, and lapel badges displaying preferred pronouns, allyship, and the rainbow symbol.

Our ultimate goal is to provide opportunities for LGBTQIA+ students to belong to a welcoming community and share their successes. We also strive to enhance awareness of external activities and resources available in the community to support students who identify as LGBTQIA+.

Join PRISM and be a part of our inclusive and empowering movement at OAC

Helpful Links

Rainbow Directory SA

Rainbow Directory SA provides links to South Australian LGBTIQA+ services, information, legislation and assistance.

Q Life

QLife provides Australia-wide anonymous, LGBTI peer support and referral for people wanting to talk about a range of issues including sexuality, identity, gender, bodies, feelings or relationships.

Parents of Gender Diverse Children

Parents of Gender Diverse Children is here to provide peer support to parents and those parenting trans and gender diverse children. We know that parents who are well supported are better able to support their children.

Shine SA

SHINE SA is a key sexual health agency in South Australia. It provides individuals and communities with services, information and advocacy to improve their relationships and sexual and reproductive health.

Adelaide LGBTIQ Events

Groups and events within South Australia for LGBTIQA+ young people.

Trans Health SA

Services specific to the Trans and Gender Diverse Community of SA as well as links to website resources and fact sheets that might be helpful.

The Rainbow Owl

Books and resources for embracing and supporting trans and gender diverse children and young people.

Reach Out provides information if you have questions about, or feel like you need support related to, sexuality or gender. National, state- and territory-based services can assist with volunteers and staff who have had personal experience with, or training in dealing with LGBTQIA+ questions and concerns.

Last updated: 09 June 2023