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Year 7 Sonnets

28 August 2017

The term the Year 7s have worked on creating modern day renditions of Shakespeare Sonnets. Below are two examples of their work.

Shakespeare’s Sonnet 34, Modern Day Rendition

Yo, what’s up with the great day?
I guess I should probs leave my coat,

But now the sun’s starting to take cover,
And I feel a storm rising.

The rain pours, then goes away.

The sun’s coming back
It’s dried my face, but my clothes are dripping wet.

My face has dried, but clothing is a disgrace.

Dude, I get that you’re sorry but that doesn’t change what you did.

And yeah I appreciate your sorrow, but I’m still drenched.


But your tears are true, which mends my angry
For true pain is rare and defeats all ill deeds.

A translation of Shakespeare’s sonnet using modern language.
By Annabelle (Year 7)


Shakespeare’s Sonnet 34, Modern Day Rendition

Y did u promise today would b beautiful,

And make me travel forward without my clothes,
2 let the bottom parts of clouds overtake me in my way,
Hiding ur bravery in their smelly gas?

This is not enough that thru the cloud u break,
2 dry the YEE on my wet facial features,
For no person well of such an ointment to promote healing can speak

That heals the hurt and not the shame:
Shame also can’t give me (What is this word?!?!?!) to me grief;
Though you are srry buuuuttt I still lost some random stuff:
The annoyers sadness gives nutin but weak relief
To the guy that bears the strrrroooonnnggg annoyers cross.

AHHHH! But dem dere tearios are fireworks come and show em what ur worth! Which ur love poops, and they be Richie rich and ransom all bads.

A translation of Shakespeare’s sonnet using text language
By Liam (Year 7)


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