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2017 Spanish Conference

11 August 2017

On the 22nd of May Open Access College students had the opportunity to attend the 2017 Spanish Conference which gave students the chance to practice the language and experience Spanish traditions. Two of the students recount their experience below. 

At the Spanish conference on the 22 of May, we had a good time. We were told what we could do with the Spanish we learned. I liked hearing about the different opportunities.
We played fun games and our knowledge of the language was tested with a lot of little challenges. We had to solve a mystery by getting a Spanish sentence from a classmate and then one we got them all we found out the mystery. It was hard.

We also had to sort out some pieces of paper with dialogues on them in the order that they came from. We then got asked questions about the dialogue and our team came first. Some people spoke about taking a trip to Spain and how it was a huge experience. When you order food, you say, “Give me this!” instead of, “I would like this.” It was very fun to listen to and ask questions. We tried those stars shaped cinnamon doughnuts during the break. After that we played a fun card game where we each wrote down 3 adjectives and 10 nouns on different cards. We then had to get the adjective cards by selecting the appropriate noun card. The best combo won the card.

We then had to get our own lunch; after that I talked to other students from OAC and other schools. We then danced the salsa dance. We also answered question about different types of Latin American music. We then did group dances. After that the conference ended and we talked about Spanish stuff. It was very good.

Edward Jenkins, Yr 12

On the 23rd of May, we were privileged to attend the Senior Spanish Conference at Flinders, Adelaide. It was an exuberant day, with attendance of approximately 100 students and 10 teachers  - how the conversations flew that day! Having such an opportunity to speak with so many other like-minded students, in a language I love, was simply perfect! The teachers were enthusiastic, the speakers full of stories about Spanish culture, and the linguistic games challenging. We sampled some famous churros, chatted and laughed as a group, and lined up to dance the spicy salsa! For me, as an OAC student, to be able to converse face-to-face was well worth the long trip to attend. To all those that spoke and assisted with the day: you were invaluable – ¡muchas gracias!

Joshua Murcott, Yr 12


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