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OAC Formal 2017

18 September 2017

Everything went exactly to plan. Except for a single almost epic fail moment which happened when I was delivering the cake to the Intercontinental Hotel in the front seat of my Mazda…

I took the corner a little bit too quickly and the seatbelt clip which was holding the box with the four-story cake inside suddenly unclipped itself.  Not a good sound to hear halfway down Magil Road in traffic.

The cake banged and swayed. The handmade golden lotus flower which was adorning the very top of the cake had taken a hit.  It was such a long time before I could pull over and assess the damage. I convinced myself that a bit of egg white and some extra icing would fix everything.  Later that night the Head Chef at the Intercontinental did something that only chefs can do and fixed it so no one noticed. It was a well-kept secret until now.

Food was fantastic and everyone enjoyed each moreish course. Our OAC students were mature, thankful and behaviour was faultless. The photographer from Event Photography remarked that our students were the most gracious and polite out of all of the formals which had covered lately. He said that every year he looks forward to working with our students because they are so easy to get along with. 

Students were keen to dance after entrees were served. The DJ managed to delay them until after mains, but I don’t think too many desserts were eaten very slowly.  The Bollywood theme was out shone by Hollywood glamour, with many students preferring to dress in traditional tailored suits with corsages and sparkling ankle length evening gowns.  Rose gold, silver, white and navy were the main colour themes. 

Around a dozen staff attended this year, which was an increase from last year. Next year our goal is to fill the ballroom which has a capacity of around 250.  We had just under 160 staff and students attend this year.

Student Leaders were very gracious hosts, making sure everyone one felt included and looked after.  Thanks to Wilhelmina from the Intercontinental who coordinated the event and worked with our Student Leaders ensure that everything ran effortlessly. Please save the date for the 23rd of August next year. 

Thank you to all students who attended you were a credit to yourselves, your parents, and trend setters in terms of fashion and decorum.

Ingred Perry
Student Wellbeing Leader

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