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Congratulations to Lachlan Cromb

29 August 2017

Congratulations to Lachlan Cromb who tied for first place in the Salisbury Writer’s Festival Writing Competition. His poem ‘Your Country Needs You’, was written as part of the Year 10 English course, War Poetry Unit.

Your Country Needs You!

The Head dreamed a gloriously ignorant view
People declared: your country needs you!
Patriotic propaganda produced an explanation
For the greed and glory of our nation
And then dreaming became doing

The Feet marched as ants to the battle
Muddied and bloodied they were slaughtered like cattle
The frightened foot lost the leg
And adrift and alone it was forced to beg
And then doing became dying

The Eyes saw disease, distrust, and destruction
And then the wars of our nation led to annihilation
Of people's homes and sense of belonging
And the homeless and orphans, it was food they were wanting
And then dying became desolation

The Heart felt compassion for the dead on both sides
Amongst the bloodshed and bones people's greed did die
Humbly creating a more communal view
It is now more than ever your country needs you!
And then desolation became the dream


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