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PLP Day at OAC

A PLP Day was held at OAC Marden on Thursday 24 November. The day started with a relaxing session with mindfulness coach Robyn Lee, then a small group of PLP students presented their Module 4.

There was opportunity for year 10 to work on completing this Module and for Year 9s to find out more about the PLP.

Shannon, Tamasin and Emily then shared some tips regarding completing SACE at OAC. Thanks to everyone involved.


Below are come comments from students:

Comments about the Mindfulness Coach

“It was interesting; I learnt things that I could use when I am feeling stressed or anxious.”

“Exercises very useful. Doing them gives you examples and then you can practise them again and again”

“Interesting and insightful, I will definitely try in my own time”

“Very relaxing & informative”

 "The mindfulness coach explained mindfulness and how you should use it everyday when you are finding your day hard”

Comments about the PLP Session

“Inspirational, very helpful. It showed a little bit into the minds of other students”

“I learnt what I had to do when I start my Module 4 this year”

“Was very helpful to see exactly what a PLP task looks like and to see what options existed”

“The PLP sharing was a good way to know expectations for Yr. 10 and knowing that we have to figure out our career options”

“PLP Sharing was great. A good way to meet other students”

“I really enjoyed being able to see other students work and learn about the career path they want to take”

Comments about Former OAC students sharing

“It was really helpful to know some different strategies to get work completed or started”

“Having feedback and advice was really helpful from a student's perspective"

“Interesting tips, useful things that I can use in the future, great tips”