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Lisa’s Digital Painting

Lisa Norton is a Year 11 student studying at OAC. She is interested in pursuing a Creative Arts Career as a Freelance Artist, and possibly a Game Designer. As well as traditional painting, a focus area Lisa is particularly interested in is Digital Painting. She has been able to explore this area further at OAC whilst developing her Visual Study for Stage 1 Visual Arts.

‘Using Digital Art for my Visual Study has taught me so much and has really improved my skills. I have learnt to be more patient with the medium and have come to enjoy being in the moment instead of hurrying for a result. I’ve learnt about how many different styles can be produced and how the techniques differ for each one. I have also learnt how I can transfer traditional artistic skills and techniques to a more contemporary platform.’

‘My work is about expressing my personality and aesthetic in an artistic way. I love to explore every corner of my creativity and really push boundaries with it. Getting out of my comfort zone with my art is what keeps me motivated.’ Lisa Norton

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