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Geoscience Summer School

Hi OAC students

Interested in a really fun summer school that will help you learn and experience the world around you, and give you great experiences that you can add to your resume in the future?

Then the Geosciences Summer School is for you. This is open to students from years 9-12, and will cost you nothing. Read the letter below and download the flyer for more information and to apply.

Contact your Science or Maths teacher just to let them know you are applying. Several of our current year 12 geology students have done this camp in the past and can vouch that it’s a great experience. You too can be a Rock Star! So get cracking with your applications.

Cheers Di & Anna


A letter from John Mignone from the Department of State Development:

Greetings Earthlings,

Our 5th Geoscience Summer School is planned for December 12th-21st for year 9-12 students with a keen interest in the planet we live on!

The cost is free for 20 participants and it will be based at the new State Drill Core Library, Clovelly Park, on the former Mitsubishi factory site.

The program will include field work, an operational Gold mine, lectures and practical workshops with Geoscience PhD’s and Professors from Industry, Universities and our State Geological Survey.

Participants will be introduced to Palaeontology, Geophysics, Geochemistry, Astrophysics, Nuclear fuel Cycle and Safety, Gemmology, Mining & Petroleum Engineering and Geochronology, to mention just some of the exciting fields.

Download flyer and application form here.