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ABC and Channel 44 Tour

Published 20 July 2017

Stage 2 Media Studies students were invited to attend a tour of the ABC in Adelaide, and afterwards meet with the workers and volunteers of Channel 44.

While the group was very small it was an informative and varied day. We started by seeing ABC radio Adelaide, and Ali Clarke presenting her Mornings show, we were lucky enough to be there during a time with Paul Kelly and Camille O’Sullivan were performing live in the studio, so got to watch, even though there was a 7 second delay (so they can broadcast live, but also bleep any offensive content from people who call in). Once Ali Clarke’s show finished, she showed us her radio console, how she gets constant stream of texts, news and information from her producers – she’s a very busy when she’s on the air. She provided some really detailed information about her career, how the ABC and Commercial radio works, with plenty of information our students could use for their assignments.

After looking around at the other radio students and Master Control Suite, we moved up to chat with the Behind the News (BtN) team. As we were touring with a primary school, we got to hear plenty of fun and youth questions, and learn about the different levels of production for the weekly show versus the daily updates.

We moved onto to the editing suite which controls both the editing of live shows, the camera and the teleprompts – it’s very automated! After seeing the hundreds of button and controls in the suite, we went into the ‘Tardis’ and saw the studio with the sets for BtN and the 7 o’clock news. It was much smaller than it looks on TV – a great real life example of the magic of TV.

After a quick look at the Orchestral Studio, we moved up to a different level of the same building to visit Channel 44 – here we got to have a chat about the many different roles that volunteers take in making a community TV channel run. At the time, there were soon to stop broadcasting to the air (bit still online) due to the government’s decision. I’m glad to say that a few weeks on, at very late notice their broadcasting license was extended another 6 months. Learning about these challenges and the potential career pathways through community radio and television was particularly relevant for year 12 students – providing some potential activities during the summer.

Overall it was a great day to meet with students, and learn more about Media and future pathways.

Alex Brindal
Media Studies Stage 2 Teacher

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