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Lock Gets an Indonesian Visit

26 June 2017

Regular school visits by our language teachers are an integral part of the Language Partnership Program at Open Access College. Recently, Penny Ellin visited Lock Area School and brought along some visitors from Indonesia, who were in Port Lincoln for a cultural exchange.

Here is the full story from Lock Area School;

Recently, at Lock Area school we were lucky enough to have three Indonesian native speakers from Sumatra, Indonesia visit the students learning Indonesian. 

The visitors are attending a local school in Port Lincoln as part of a cultural exchange and came up to Lock as part of Bu Ellin's site visit for the term.
Before the visit, the year 7/8 class did a lot of revision of the questions and responses we had been learning in class. We did this using language games and activities to reinforce our learning of the language structures.

When our visitors arrived, we had to interview them to find out as much information as we could. We were able to introduce ourselves in Indonesian and talk a little about ourselves in Indonesian before asking our questions.

We recorded the information on a profile sheet and will be using this later to reinforce the learning we did.
Bu Ellin was really pleased that lots of students were willing to have a go and use their Indonesian - and it was fantastic that we could understand what Bu Apni, Arya and Mega told us. They also taught us all a song and dance. At recess time, Arya went outside and showed some of the students how sepak takraw was played. He also joined in with the skipping too.
A great learning opportunity - bagus!

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