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English Shakespeare Workshop

16 August 2017

On Wednesday 02 August, Year 10 English students had the opportunity to attend a practical workshop at Open Access College with Patrick Kalvins, a visiting artist from the State Theatre Company, to discover the passions of Romeo and Juliet and the tragedy of their enduring love.

The workshop brought aspects of Romeo and Juliet to life as students explored Shakespeare’s universal themes and vivid characters the way he intended: through performance.

Activities included performing highlights of the play in under 10 minutes, which was a lot of fun and gave the students insight into the play’s series of complications and their impact on its inevitable resolution.

Students also received guidance on how to interpret Shakespeare’s poetic language, playing with pace, tone and emphasis, to extract meaning from the Bard’s deliberate language choices.

Thanks to Nikki Johnston, Jess Galvin and Jillian Holloway for their support with the event.

Brett Ferris
English Pedagogy Coordinator

 OAC News August