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Artwork of Declan Gillard-Martin

11 September 2017

From Declan Gillard-Martin:

I’m a year 10 student studying at Open Access College. The reason I chose Open Access College for my education is to support my passion in racing at an elite level in the sport of Triathlon. I train up to 15 times a week and that wouldn’t be possible without OAC.

Other than Triathlon I have great interest in photography and photo manipulation. I really enjoy photo manipulation because it brings in another element and skill to photography, it also allows for me to put my own spin on the world, I can also use it to show how I wish the world would look or I can use it to display world conflicts.

I mainly like to use the art to show a happy, beautiful side to the world. In order to produce my photo manipulation I first get an idea of what type of scene I am after eg: starry galaxy, day light with a moon, land, jungle etc. I then find a base photo, I like to use my own photos as a base for copy right reasons as well as using my work in a different format.

After I have the base I use a series of different photos and different brushes (for the stars and fog) and form the photo. I use Photoshop as my main form of software as well as light room for any colour correction in post-production.

Declan Gillard-Martin


Declan's fantastic digital landscapes have been used to design this year's Awards Ceremony invitations. Thank you, Declan!