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2017 JLTASA Year 6/7 Japanese Quiz Day

Published 25 July 2017

On Tuesday 20th June 2017 Open Access College participated in the Japanese Language Teachers’ Association of SA’s (JLTASA) Year 6/7 Japanese Quiz Day at the EDC. 182 students from 16 schools across all three sectors participated in Japanese learning. The quiz categories included: numbers, geography, Hiragana, listening, Kanji, modern culture, traditional culture and vocabulary and grammar. Between rounds we played the traditional Japanese games Jan Ken Pon (rock, paper, scissors) and Kendama (traditional Japanese cup and ball game) as well as a game of True or False based on questions about the Japanese culture.

We wore happi coats (traditional Japanese festival coats) and hachimaki (headbands) to help us feel confident and get into the spirit of the day.

Lobethal PS Year 7 students Mackenzie, Nadia, Molly, Lindsay, Ashwyn, Kiaya, Grace, Laura and Gemma represented Lobethal PS and Open Access College in the morning session. In pairs they formed teams with 4-5 other students from 2 different schools allowing us to meet new people and share our Japanese learning. They worked very well in their teams and confidently shared their answers. Thank you to their class teacher Sarah for all her behind-the-scenes work and the amazing parents Karen and Steven for transporting students to and from the quiz.

Marden students Charli (Year 5), Jade (Year 5), Vanessa (Year 6), Esther (Year 6) and Taj (Year 7) represented Open Access College in the afternoon session.  We first enjoyed getting to know each a little better, as some of us had never met each other in person before. In pairs they then formed teams with 6-7 other students from 3 different schools allowing us to meet new people and share our Japanese learning. It was great to see students smiling and confidently sharing their answers with their team. A special thank you to Year 5 student Charli for being our special helper on the day. Charli was our official photographer, helped with the True or False game and helped add up the quiz scores.

Overall, participating in the quiz gave us a great opportunity to meet other Year 6/7 students also learning Japanese, share our Japanese learning and most importantly have fun! There were some really cool Japanese prizes on offer with the famous Japanese snack Pocky (chocolate-coated biscuit sticks) being the most popular.

We encourage students to think about participating in next year’s quiz and sharing their Japanese learning. I wonder what cool and strange facts we will learn next year?

Here’s what students have to say:

Charli (Year 5): The JTLASA Quiz Day was amazing. I got a special role of getting to be the helper and it was a lot of fun. We wore happi coats, which are basically like normal coats, but they’re silky, and have like, bird wings. There were these cool prizes that included, pocky, puzzles, and vouchers for what I think was Sushi Station. They gave out motivation lollies, and the lollies were chocolate flavoured. They were delicious.

Esther (Year 6): The year 6/7 quiz day was very exciting. It was fun to work as a team as some answers I didn’t know and other kids did know the answer!! The mini games in between were a fun way to get to know each other and what they learnt. It was really fun with the interesting names and challenging games! Next year I would definitely go!!

Jade (Year 5): I enjoyed meeting other OAC students. The JLTASA had good prizes. It was really fun!

Taj (Year 7): I loved being challenged and working out the answers as a team. It was great!

Christina Challinger and Rayna Price

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