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Year 10

Year 10 is the beginning of the senior years of learning where students begin making decisions about future learning and work.

Learning in Year 10 aims to develop and deepen student understanding of important ideas and processes, equipping them to transfer their learning in meaningful and effective ways and become life-long learners.

Each Year 10 student is supported in their learning by their Advisory teacher. The Advisory teacher focuses on student wellbeing and builds a sense of belonging as a member of the year 10 learning community.

The structures and curriculum in Year 10 are built around three core principles:


The quality of relationships has a strong influence on the quality of the learning. Students and teachers work together in collaborative teams across Central Studies, establishing and maintaining strong relationships.


Engaged and sustained learning requires learners to constantly see the value and relevance of their work. Teachers work with students identifying and developing challenges that are meaningful and important.


Continually challenging students to deepen their learning and improve their performance in a safe and supportive environment develops deeper understanding. The work is challenging, and achievable through effort.

New Directions is an Alternative program designed for students seeking a personalised and flexible approach to learning with a focus on transition to work or other study. There are specific entry requirements for these programs.

The Year 10 curriculum is organised into Central Studies and Electives.

Central Studies

Year 10 Central Studies - 2018

 SEMESTER 1 Subject

SEMESTER 2 Subject

English A English B
Mathematics A Mathematics B
Science A Science B
Health and Physical Education History (either Semester 1 or Semester 2)
History (either Semester 1 or Semester 2) Personal Learning Plan

Students choosing Mathematics 10A in semester 2 will need to do History in Semester 1.


Language electives are full year. Students can choose from:

  • French
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Spanish

Studying a language in semester 1 is a prerequisite for studying a language in semester 2. Students beginning a language in year 10 are able to enrol in Year 11 Beginners in that language.


Full time students in year 10 are required to do Central Studies plus a minimum of 5 and maximum of 7 electives across the year.

Electives are semester length except languages and music which are full year subjects.

Year 10 Electives - 2018


 SEMESTER 1 Subject

SEMESTER 2 Subject

The Arts
Art: Art That Pops Art: Ideas Behind the Art
Art: Art of Illusion Art: Art Around the World
Music Music
Humanities and
Social Sciences
Geography: Harvesting the World's Garden Business and Economic: Globe Trekker
Civics and Citizenship: Legal Eagle Geography: Save the Planet
Social Sciences
French A French B
German A German B
Japanese A Japanese B
Spanish A Spanish B
  Mathematics 10A
Design Technology: Eat Good Feel Good Design Technology: Fashion Follies
Design Technology: 3D Design and printing Design Technology: Food and Photography
Digital Technology Digital Technology (repeated)